About Us


St. Mary's is an independent Catholic school in Cranbrook, BC and is part of the Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese.  Our hard-working, caring staff and wonderful parents and students helped St. Mary's earn the Fraser Institute's #1 ranking for elementary schools in the Cranbrook area consistently over the years.

While St. Mary's school enjoys a long-standing reputation for excellence in education and is known for student's being exceedingly well-prepared when entering middle school, it also is known for the commitment of its long-term caring staff. St. Mary's School is an educational community where the entire staff knows each child and works to welcome them daily. It  a world of that is becoming increasingly secular, isolated, and ironically - disconnected, St. Mary's School teaches faith in God, values, morals, and servitude toward others. We model good citizenship and forgiveness through the foundation of a 'connected' school community.

 ~ Hand in Hand With Jesus ~ Where Faith and Knowledge Meet